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toya sphynx

About us

  About us...

  Welcome to our world  Toyaskin, CZ....small cattery of perfect creatures called Canadian sphynx, which are registered at the national organization FIFe. All our family has been living and enjoying life in our flat in Prague 9.

  We have a lot of dreams but the most important one is that our race finds as many admirers as it deserves because who has never gotten know Sphynx has never found the real love for an animal. We would also like our race to stay as pure as it is, that is why we raise only kittens with PP. The kittens which are given away have been chosen by us - very good quality ones with nice colors - the ones which can bring a lot of benefits for future breeding of Canadian Sphynx.

  Our kittens are not sharing only our flat but also our beds, they are our family and really important to us and that is the reason we are trying to give them all they need. That's why the new owners of our kittens can be only nice and responsible people who will be part of our Toyaskin family. The family which will be here for them in every time they need , in any case of trouble and for sharing experiences.

  We making sure that our kittens are not missing any kind of care, they are being vaccinated and every year we test them for HCM.

  So we wish all the best for the fanciers of Sphynx from Tomas, Jakub and our Sphynx ladies. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions; we will be happy to share everything we can